Series 74 Venice

New innovative, stylish European E-Section track. Replacing the old outdated Styleline type track, this reinvented new look uses the new “Easy Clip in” Slide Plate system & redesigned face fix bkt base incorporating a base foot cover, a clean finish hiding all screws.

Not only does the modern design set a new benchmark for stylish elegance it is versatile and strong, suitable for conventional and

S-Wave curtains in both domestic and commercial settings. This track system can be bent at a 150mm radius or a continuous curve.

Unlike Anodised, the Platinum has a special electro plated finish allowing runners to glide through the track with minimal friction. Gliders have UV resistant inhibitors and are low friction. Initially available in White and Platinum with other colours will be introduced as demand grows.

Bringing both fashion, strength and practicality in one bracket, the “Easy clip” which was first introduced on Series 50 Milan, is now used on the Series 74 Venice, & Series 67 Siena providing many combination options all on the one bracket type.

Colours: White, Riverstone, Linished Silver and Linished Champagne, Platinum,

Dimensions: 11 x 24mm

Bending: 150mm & 330mm Fixed Radius Bends

Rolled Curves: Continuous curves with minimum Radius of 1000mm