Series 52 Commercial/Domestic For Std Curtain Headings

Oslo Series 52 is a strong commercial / domestic tracking system widely used in houses and heavy use areas such as hotels, motels, hospitals and clubs.

Its designed for use with heavy curtains which run on free wheeling roller carriers allowing smooth operation of the curtains. There are two types available # 5233 standard and # 5231 swivel carrier.

The track is supported with a comprehensive range of brackets, from single screw to multi screw fixing, giving you multiple choices to meet the many demanding installation conditions that can arise.

Oslo Series 52 is a custom made track that can be hand or cord drawn. Cord drawn tracks can only be straight. Hand drawn tracks can be factory bent and curved to your specifications.

Oslo Series 52 tracks are manufactured from aluminium with dimensions of 20mm x 16mm in 6000mm lengths. A solid joiner set is available for tracks longer than std extrusion lengths. Finish is powdercoated

Colour: White, Matt Black, Silver Pearl (special powdercoat colours may be available upon request)

Dimensions: 20 x 16mm

Bending: 150mm & 330mm Fixed Radius Bends

Rolled Curves:  Continuous curves minimum 1000mm